The Taste of Self-Abasement

Seeing the 2 pump chump spread across the pages of my blog does not come as a surprise. However, exposing the loser 100% in all his distasteful glory is something I’ve never done before. I’ve always blocked his distinct features and I’m not referring to the size of his penis! Sadly, given the size of his member is surely something any female that has ever been with him has wanted to quickly forget all that went on between the two (not much to brag about, hence being nicknamed – the 2 pump chump!) 

Eating his own cum from inside the condom after fucking the Escort for a mere 2 min, if even that!

Well, the loser had a chance to reply to my email and send tribute before I fully exposed him without the blocking of his face! I didn’t care if he was busy or didn’t get to read the email in time, he had his chance – what’s done is done and frankly I will have to decide if whether or not the original tribute amount will be sufficient enough to take down or not… hmm, probably not!

I shall see but until then, if you are one that gets off on others being exposed because you are too chicken shit to have yourself exposed? By all means, bask in this loser’s full exposure and live vicariously through his shameful experience!

*Side note: There is more I can add to this post and most likely will if he does not comply in a timely fashion!

**Update: The chump paid–as you can tell by the black box covering his disgraceful face!

One thought to “The Taste of Self-Abasement”

  1. OMG, Ms. Dee did he eat his cum in front of the escort? OH, I’d of loved to have been a fly on the wall, for that one! What a deal for her two minutes and done, and then she gets a laugh! Well done loser, I’m kind of jealous, what shame you should be feeling right now!

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