How To Properly Approach Me

First impressions really matter to me. If you are contacting me for the first time, I expect you to approach with manners – whether it’s your first time interacting with me or anytime for that matter – you must always show respect and know your place when speaking with me.

You may address me as: Lady Dee, Mistress, Miss Lady Dee, Goddess, Miss Dee – anything along those lines. Furthermore, a pet peeve of mine is not capitalizing the first letter of my name! Something else that irks me is when you message “hey”! Instead, greet me with: “Hello Mistress” or “Hi Lady Dee” if you are looking to get a response. Use some manners – think before you hit that key, it is a sure way of getting off on the right foot. Following these guidelines is a proper sign of deference.


Approaching me on Skype is a huge issue many of you have when contacting me for the first time after purchasing my chat ID – I simply ask of you to introduce yourself (briefly) about your fetishes/kinks and what you are looking for from me. I know you’ve heard this many times before – I am not a mind reader! If you want to get somewhere with me – speak up!

Want to know what I am open to? Read my About Me page.


If you are contacting to serve me – then a proper introduction explaining how you can be useful to me, followed by a tribute. Anything aside from that shows you have no true desire to serve a Mistress. (A whole other topic I will be covering at another time.)

Something else I need to touch on is my availability! The best way is to just follow me on Twitter – take a glance at it, see what I am up to – I tweet when I will be online available for cam sessions and when I turn my NF lines on, it sends out an auto-tweet. I am not always sitting behind my computer waiting for you to contact me nor am I signed on Skype all the time. If you don’t see me online, send me an email politely asking when I will be available for a session (ready to pay at that moment), I have no problem getting online, if in fact I am not already preoccupied.

Also, let me specifically point out the annoyance of being asked if I am available on NiteFlirt – when in fact the call button clearly shows that  “I Am Available!”

It is rather simple to figure out – If you see:

  • Call Now – means I am signed on available to take your call.
  • Busy – means I am currently on a call.
  • Away – means I am not signed on to take your call – so send an email.

My chat ID’s can be purchased thru:

Buy from Lady Dee through

Do not abuse the privilege to chat with me. If you are looking for a session, then ask for one – do not waste my time, as it is valuable. Why would I spend any of my time with a selfish slacker? I give my slaves and my good boys more of my time, so if you want to be one of my good boys to receive more of my attention, show your appreciation and devotion thru clip orders, tributes & gifts – you get the idea…

Well, what are you waiting for? Get started!

Tribute! – Clips4sale – iWantClips – KinkBombNiteFlirt Goodies

Stocking Stuffers For My Sluts!

If you have not bought this clip already, I advise all my horny lil sluts to do so now!


This Christmas your adoring Mistress put together a fun stocking for all of her pets to enjoy! Each item I pull out from the stocking will be a surprise – minus the nutcracker you see besides me and that clenched fist – you can only imagine what I am demonstrating, haha!

As much as I looove to tease my pets and have you wanking away like horny little fucks for me – having that control over your dick and deciding whether or not I will allow you release gives me so much power over you weaklings!


Do as you are told and put this clip into your cart and while you are at it, take advantage of the promo iWantClips is offering! Fill your cart up with all my clips and treat yourself to me this holiday! And add some tributes into that cart as well – you know how much I adore being spoiled & don’t forget it’s never too late to shop off my wish list!


My Birthday

It’s my birthday this month – November 25th! This is a good time to start displaying your gratitude boys! Already you adore me, so start showing it! How much do you appreciate me, how devoted are you? Words are not enough… they’re just words, I want to see action from all you boys! You need to put more effort forth, it’s that’s simple.

I am tired of all the slackers as of late. I’ve had to dismiss many of you and those select boys that are doing their part, continue showing your devotion and more is always better – sky’s the limit!

photo 2 (2)

Ways to show your devotion and gratitude:

Spoiling me off my Amazon Wish List (There are so many items to choose from, whether you are able to spend big or not, even a simple nail polish purchase shows your appreciation.) In other words – No Excuses!

Gift Cards – There are plenty of gc’s to choose from off my Amazon wish list, as well as some listed here on my Tribute page. Forever 21 and Victoria Secret being my 2 most favorites!

Cash Tributes – That’s rather simple, you have plenty of options – Gift Rocket (may only be used in U.S.) iWantClips – Customs4U – NiteFlirt – KinkBomb – Clips4Sale

Clip Sales – Yes, purchasing my clips and rating them keeps me wanting to make more and more content for all you losers, pervs and pets!

photo (11)

So now that I broke it all down for you boys, I should start seeing a lot of improvement going forward!

So get spending and spoiling your Mistress – It’s My birthday month, make me happy!

He’s A Minute Man!

It’s the return of my “Two Pump Chump!” Do you recall the post I wrote about this big dick loser a few months back? Well, if you haven’t read it, I advise you to take a look or if you have, freshen up your memory on this tool bag!


Above is a little motivation he paid me so that I can actually blog about what a loser he is “once again!”

So, from what I had mentioned in my previous post about this tool (I will be referring to him as “J”) he sees escorts (quite often actually), it’s the only way he is able to hook up with females, pretty sad too cause the guy is not bad looking, has a good job (as he should with all the money he spends on escorts) and well… he has a big dick!


J loves how I flaunt my ass in his face, swaying it around and teasing him about how big and useless his dick is and how he is such a chump for having to pay for sex! The only way this loser cums is in his own face, cause that’s how all losers should cum…


For the past few months now, J and I have been doing sessions a bit differently then the norm of him just staring at my ass and assuming the fatal position. He’s taken me on his escort adventures by calling my NiteFlirt line as he goes up to the escort’s hotel room, keeping the call on mute so I can listen in on his lame attempt at trying to last more then 5 minutes with the girl!

Here’s just a 24 second sound clip of him cumming while fucking the escort – listen how he says “Oh fuck, OMG!” as he is letting go and mind you, he was only inside her pumping maybe 2 minutes tops!

j_escortvid1 j_escortvid2

Here are a couple screenshots from the video I also filmed – capturing the beginning and the moment on the timer as he is cumming! He lasted from start (placing his hands on her ass) to finish -

5 minutes 27 seconds!

I also make J pay me for the video I film – he loves reliving the humiliation I put him through!


Just a couple nights ago, J was able to get 2 escorts to actually cater to his fetish of being a preemie with a big dick and humiliate him – sadly I was not able to pick up the sound all that well to share it.

What went down was – the two girls showed up at his hotel room (I was already on the line listening in), immediately the one girl ordered J to get on his knees and kiss both their asses (since we all know J has an ass fetish) he then was told to enter the one from behind as she hiked up her skirt saying “Fuck Me!” (which J later tells me when he heard that, it took him over the edge) J entered her and as he was pumping away he quickly slows down, the other girl, (who basically was instructing the whole time) says “he stopped pumping, he’s gonna cum already!” and sure enough, J blew his pathetic load in…

1 min 05 secs!

Got kicked in the balls, called a LOSER & they both left!

I swear, it was less the 5 minutes from the moment those two girls knocked on his hotel room door, took their envelopes, humiliated him and left!


This is an email J forwarded me from the escort of the timer she took, sent just moments after she left his room – she called him PATHETIC!

Not like he hasn’t heard that a million times!

So lame I tell you, this guy has a huge dick and can’t last 5 minutes until he is grunting and moaning as he prematurely ejaculates his load from his big cock, which is deemed USELESS!

j shameful facialj shameful facial2

You know I could not do this post without sharing some of his star moments with his jizz plastered all over his loser face!


This is one I like to call “cum snot” lol

Here’s two from our most recent cam session – check out that cum drip I captured as it enters his mouth and face, complete with a cum stash! LOL, what a loser!









Lastly, this is one I pulled out from the “lost files”(taken one year ago on 11/26 just 1 day after my birthday! hint, hint) – Check out that facial and ASS!




You’re welcome J and you can thank me with another GiftRocket, cause I am awesome!!!!

Busy, Busy

That title is an understatement! I kid you not, ever since I decided to start filming clips last month, my work is never done; only wishing I had more time in the day. I like to have time to myself and not consume my entire day with dealings of pervs and losers!

photo (23)

I haven’t been available for cam sessions too much these past few weeks, but that will change in a week or so, once I am caught up on all my clips, I will be available more. But if you really need my attention, you know how to contact me and as long as the $$ is there, I will pull myself away for a moment to abuse you… I never have a problem doing that!

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I have launched 2 clip studios and adding a third with Kinkbomb! I am slow stepping on this one. Having to upload all my clips to another studio is quite time consuming, so I hope to have the studio ready and share the URL later this week, more like by tomorrow… fingers crossed!

I have to say that I am very pleased with the sales this week on c4s. Considering my studio is only a little over 2 weeks old and clips like my “Cum Eating Slut” is ranked #4 in its category (Cum Eating Instruction) and “Controlling My Bitch Boy” climbing up in ranks currently at #11 in its category (FemdomPOV).

cei_rank fempov_rank

I’ll be uploading clips in all studios including NiteFlirt Goodies by the end of the week.

And let me tell you something, you fucking losers love eating your own cum for me and stop faking it like you think it’s gross or “only for you Mistress” blah, blah, deep down you are a cum loving bitch that’s probably been tasting his own cum since his tween years! So, eat up little bitches, whether you genuinely love the taste of your own jizz in your mouth or you ingloriously lap it all up for my amusement and praise… you’re just a cum eating slut!


photo (12)

Eat up bitch!

Stay up to date on all my clip updates and when I am available on cam by following me on Twitter!

I want to see more clip spending and some spoiling! Step it up my pets!