The Taste of Self-Abasement


Seeing the 2 pump chump spread across the pages of my blog does not come as a surprise. However, exposing the loser 100% in all his distasteful glory is something I’ve never done before. I’ve always blocked his distinct features and I’m not referring to the size of his penis! Sadly, given the size of his member is surely something any female that has ever been with him has wanted to quickly forget all that went on between the two (not much to brag about, hence being nicknamed – the 2 pump chump!)  Read More →

How To Properly Approach Me


First impressions really matter to me. If you are contacting me for the first time, I expect you to approach with manners – whether it’s your first time interacting with me or anytime for that matter – you must always show respect and know your place when speaking with me. Read More →

Stocking Stuffers For My Sluts!

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If you have not bought this clip already, I advise all my horny lil sluts to do so now! Read More →

My Birthday

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It’s my birthday this month – November 25th! This is a good time to start displaying your gratitude boys! Already you adore me, so start showing it! How much do you appreciate me, how devoted are you? Words are not enough… they’re just words, I want to see action from all you boys! You need to put more effort forth, it’s that’s simple. Read More →

He’s A Minute Man!


It’s the return of my “Two Pump Chump!” Do you recall the post I wrote about this big dick loser a few months back? Well, if you haven’t read it, I advise you to take a look or if you have, freshen up your memory on this tool bag! Read More →

Busy, Busy

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That title is an understatement! I kid you not, ever since I decided to start filming clips last month, my work is never done; only wishing I had more time in the day. I like to have time to myself and not consume my entire day with dealings of pervs and losers! Read More →

Clip Store’s Are Live!

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If by now you haven’t already noticed, I recently launched two fetish clip studio’s with iWantClips and Clips4Sale. Both stores are very new with my clips, so be patient as I am filming more and will soon be updating on a consistent basis.  Read More →

Clips Store Coming Soon!

It's the only way you're going to get my attention!

Definitely long overdue, I will be launching my first clips store!

With that being said, I’ve been keeping myself busy filming and editing my sweet ass away (between degrading sub boys of course) looking to have a decent amount of clips ready for the launch of my store by the end of August, if not sooner! Read More →

Loser Trifecta

photo 1

I have my share of losers and most recently a few of you have really out done yourselves! You see, you are here to entertain me, it’s not the other way around. I expect you subs to put on a good show. I want to be amused, I want to laugh in your face as I order you to assume the position (legs up over head) and diminish what’s left of your dignity! Read More →

New Chat ID’s


I’ve been wanting to change my chat ID’s for some time now, I just didn’t want to deal with all the confusion I knew would happen had I changed my ID’s out of no where. Read More →