Busy, Busy

That title is an understatement! I kid you not, ever since I decided to start filming clips last month, my work is never done; only wishing I had more time in the day. I like to have time to myself and not consume my entire day with dealings of pervs and losers!

photo (23)

I haven’t been available for cam sessions too much these past few weeks, but that will change in a week or so, once I am caught up on all my clips, I will be available more. But if you really need my attention, you know how to contact me and as long as the $$ is there, I will pull myself away for a moment to abuse you… I never have a problem doing that!

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I have launched 2 clip studios and adding a third with Kinkbomb! I am slow stepping on this one. Having to upload all my clips to another studio is quite time consuming, so I hope to have the studio ready and share the URL later this week, more like by tomorrow… fingers crossed!

I have to say that I am very pleased with the sales this week on c4s. Considering my studio is only a little over 2 weeks old and clips like my “Cum Eating Slut” is ranked #4 in its category (Cum Eating Instruction) and “Controlling My Bitch Boy” climbing up in ranks currently at #11 in its category (FemdomPOV).

cei_rank fempov_rank

I’ll be uploading clips in all studios including NiteFlirt Goodies by the end of the week.

And let me tell you something, you fucking losers love eating your own cum for me and stop faking it like you think it’s gross or “only for you Mistress” blah, blah, deep down you are a cum loving bitch that’s probably been tasting his own cum since his tween years! So, eat up little bitches, whether you genuinely love the taste of your own jizz in your mouth or you ingloriously lap it all up for my amusement and praise… you’re just a cum eating slut!


photo (12)

Eat up bitch!

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I want to see more clip spending and some spoiling! Step it up my pets!



Clip Store’s Are Live!

If by now you haven’t already noticed, I recently launched two fetish clip studio’s with iWantClips and Clips4Sale. Both stores are very new with my clips, so be patient as I am filming more and will soon be updating on a consistent basis. half_banner_234X60_36527

iwantclips logo1

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Clips Store Coming Soon!

Definitely long overdue, I will be launching my first clips store!

With that being said, I’ve been keeping myself busy filming and editing my sweet ass away (between degrading sub boys of course) looking to have a decent amount of clips ready for the launch of my store by the end of August, if not sooner!

vid1 vid2 vid3

In the meantime, I have three clips you should already be beating your pathetic dick off to. If not, get your ass over to  NiteFlirt and purchase my clips!

I also uploaded all my pic sets on my content page. All you horny ass & foot addicts best collect all my pic sets and worship my hotness on a daily basis and continue sending tributes and spoiling me like good boys!

It's the only way you're going to get my attention!

It’s the only way you’re going to get my attention!



Loser Trifecta

I have my share of losers and most recently a few of you have really out done yourselves! You see, you are here to entertain me, it’s not the other way around. I expect you subs to put on a good show. I want to be amused, I want to laugh in your face as I order you to assume the position (legs up over head) and diminish what’s left of your dignity!

photo 1

I thrive off your demise. loser!

You are nothing but a tool to me, a play toy and when you bore me, I will just toss you to the side and pick up another lowly hopeless loser craving to be ridiculed!

My first loser up is who I like to call Toilet Fucker! This faggot loser was looking to be degraded, and I did just that! I made sure this panty wearing sissy loser got just what he was looking for.


One time fucking his own toilet seat was not enough for this lowly pathetic loser. The idiot keeps coming back for more. Maybe he likes the toothbrush in his ass or he really enjoys fucking the toilet seat (which he has told me himself he actually misses doing.) Which ever it is, this loser enjoys humiliating himself for me and I’m not going stop him!

Hi perfect Goddess, im a lonely french looser without friends 

Was the greeting message I received from this next loser I am about to expose.

He goes on to tell me that he is a French piece of shit guy from Paris, has no friends, tiny dick, loves heels and a stroke addict… (forgot to mention, HAIRY AS FUCK!)

“Do you laugh at losers like me?” he asks.

Well DO I?


Wasn’t the vibrating kind, but does the job!

He was hesitant at first...

He was hesitant at first…

Of course he assumed the position

Of course he assumed the position

Say ahhh!

Say ahhh!

Hey you pathetic french fuck, you are one loser piece of shit, there is no denying that!!

Two down, one to go… here I have Sissy Slut performing lewd acts with its dirty slut hole!


DPing his asshole, licking and sniffing shitty stained panties, all while beating it off to my sock covered feet! You are so fucking disgusting, your next assignment awaits you!

I originally had three losers but this 4th loser deserves to be exposed as the weak submissive little bitch he really is!


Who’s my bitch?!

Yes, I get you to sneak away from your girlfriend, go into the bathroom put on her panties and lick cum from your hand. I control you!

photo 2

Fuck you, I control your pathetic dick!


photo(21) Moving a little off topic, but still a loser nonetheless. My Greek loser nik whom I’ve named cumless cuck, had the privilege of buying gifts for my husband and I. It was our anniversary last month and cumless cuck was ordered to shop for us off our wish lists.

Two simple, yet thoughtful gifts from my devoted lil cuck. This loser knows his place as my pathetic lonely pillow-humping cumless cuck only to please Master and I, while I laugh at his life that I help destroy by getting into his head making him believe he was not man enough for his girlfriend. He had feared she was cheating and I nurtured those fears, so much that he willed it into reality. I turned him into a bitch! She was seeing another man. She since moved out, leaving him now to grovel at my feet, alone and pathetic!


New Chat ID’s

I’ve been wanting to change my chat ID’s for some time now, I just didn’t want to deal with all the confusion I knew would happen had I changed my ID’s out of no where.

Surely enough, the changing of my messenger ID’s threw some of you for a whirl, lol. I mean really guys, did you honestly think that I was going to just STOP using Skype all together?!

I’m just changing my ID’s – I’m not going anywhere!

One of the main reasons for wanting to change my ID’s was to purge all the dead weight that’s been hanging around over past few months. Yeah, I can simply remove you, ignore you or block you, but why should I have to go through all that?


I don’t need you, you need me!