Outing Subs & What’s New

It’s that time again, for me to gather up all the losers who have debased themselves for my attention and amusement as of late.

Ugly ara’s addiction to me is growing stronger and stronger. My perfect feet drive this ugly bitch insane. He’ll do just about anything to humor me just to be able to rub his disgusting little brown penis to my feet! I love the way you started fucking your couch at my command, lol.

You gross me out ara!!!

ara in bra fuck yo couch

sissy brianna makes yet another appearance on my blog. She comes in tow with a new sissy outfit; dressed like a ballerina. I called her my faggot sissy fairy!

Watch my sissy girl dance like a faggy lil fairy princess!


You need to shave your armpits – sissies have no hair!

scotty whipped scotty whipped2

I had fun messing around with scottyboy here, making him draw nipples and a bikini with whipped cream, clamped clothespins to his nips and slapped on a pair of lacy panties (his favorite kind to wear). I plan on having more fun and exposing this panty wearing sissy.


Here’s my naked slut toy, I have so much fun forcing him into risky situations to get completely naked for me and jerk off until he cums! Here he is in the storage room at the office jerking it for my amusement, stripped down to nothing but his socks!


He is constantly traveling and I always manage to get him to jerking it in front of a window or open the door to his hotel room! This time, the window was so huge, over looking the pool area where there were people down below! I wonder if anyone got a glimpse of him, hahaha! I drive him crazy horny, just the thought of me wanting to see him naked and jerking to me gets him going and he cannot resist, loses all control and must amuse me!

It’s my power of persuasion!

r2piss head loser

Just like how I make this disgusting loser do the most repulsive acts to humor me. Drinking cum and pouring piss over his head. It amazes me the lengths this dude goes just to beat it off to my feet!

Can you say… L-O-S-E-R!

neil barbies

My scrawny faggy loser neil introduced me to his girlfriends Barbie & Cindy.


I told neil to go out and buy all of Barbie’s girlfriends, so he can place them all around the floor and perform a show for the dolls! Neil was excited about my idea to say the least and I am not too sure I was about watching him cum between Barbies legs and him telling me Cindy was getting jealous… lol, what?!

iml emailiml email2

Giving these two meaning in their life and ruining any bit of self-esteem they once thought they may have had!

ruined date

Ruining my cumless cucks date!


Moving on to some updates about “Myself” for once — I released my first “Foot Fetish” clip!

I will be making more clips soon, this ought to make all my foot addicts dripping with excitement!

For now, until I have a decent amount of clips, they will be available for purchase on Sinful Call & in my NiteFlirt Goodies


Speaking of Sinful Call, I want to let all my good boys/sissies and any new addicted boys to know that they are running a daily contest awarding $100 to any host who earns the most in a 24 period, leading up to the big award coming this October to the host who snagged the most “Daily Wins.”

So that goes without saying, you know where I want my calls to be placed from. Make me happy… call me, tip me and buy my content via Sinful Call and make me a winner!

Two Pump Chump

I can’t believe this loser has been drooling over my ass for almost 3 years now… yes 3 years come September! (Thanks to Niteflirt for providing customer details.)

You could only imagine the torture and humiliation I have put him through over the years. Well, today is the day I expose this losers shortcomings!melonfuck melon cummelon

It’s been a while since I’ve had him fuck a watermelon. After a few days I’d share the snapshots I took and make this loser PAY for his own humiliating photos, so he’d have to relive the humiliation all over again!

j bananafacial cream what a mouthful

He is by far the best cum catcher!

photo 1 photo 2

Maybe it’s the size of his big ol’ dick!


(Cumming to a picture of my ass on his iPad, then licking it off… what a loser!)


Don’t let the size of his cock fool you, it is no better then all you small dick fucks out there!


I know all you losers are envious of the size of this mans cock, it’s just a USELESS TOOL and may just be in worse shape then yours! This fuck can’t get it up unless he is being humiliated. You’d think a guy that has a cock this big would have no problems in the bedroom, LOL! Well, let me share a couple experiences this loser has encountered as of late.


I was with a girl on Friday that I recently met…we went back to her place after a couple of drinks, long story short, we were about to get busy…she placed a condom on me…at which point my dick was already throbbing..she had me on my back, proceeded to mount me, she BARELY made it down my cock and I fucking came….was so embarrassing!


I actually was with a girl two nights ago (the one I was with a few weeks ago and failed miserably with) she gave me another shot…yep u guessed it…blew it again. She went down on me…maybe a min or two tops…and then tried to pull her head off…but the last suck as her head came off did me in. Came all over myself and she even looked at me and said “Again??” Lol…was speechless needles to say..

Even his local “rub n’ tug” knows what a loser he is. In an out in under 30 min, after being charged for an hour massage, plus he leaves a TIP!  What a chump!

You will always have to PAY to humiliate yourself with your creamy facials and forever a


Loser Round-Up

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve last blogged (not counting the recent addition to my Wall of Shame!) I’d have to write a post on a weekly basis in order to expose all the losers I come across. I am so backed up on exposing all you fucks that I’ll be writing up another post in the next few days. I do however like to blog about the ones that amused me the most and stood out from the rest!

Where do we start…

sissy brian, rather I should be referring to him as sissy brianna joined the cheer squad and did a little cheer for my amusement. Turn up your volume, cause this little fairy was just about whispering. Guess you have to when you are hiding from the people in your house that you are a faggy lil sissy that wants to be a girl!

sissy brianna wonders why there are rumors going around that “he” sucks dick! Umm… you can make that call.

sissy brian

Fat and nasty piggy paul can’t resist the urge to degrade himself in front of me yet again. Always on his knees awaiting my orders to shove all his gross dildos up his fat ass and lick them clean… fuck-ing barf! paul, you make me want to vomit in my mouth. Ugh… you are so repulsive!


Remember this tool cuck faggot jason? In case you don’t or need a little refresher, you can read about how I outed him here.

jason mask1 jason mask2

Jason finally blew that BBC! He invited him over, had nice phat blunt rolled for him and jason was ordered like a faggot bitch to suck his cock! jason was all whiny while I was getting all the details out of him. I’m laughing hysterically as he tells me how he was gagged by his 9 inch cock, came in his mouth all over his face and was made to swallow!

jason mask3 jason mask4

The dumb faggot gets told he’d see him next week to fuck his women!

And that he did!

Only this time around his gf was more into jason being cucked. In panties locked up in chastity, jason had to sit there and watch his gf get fucked by a BBC… for the second time! Here’s the best part though, jason tells me, at one point he is laying under his gf as she is getting dogged from behind, the guys dick slips out and slaps jason across the face with is cock!

HAHAHAHA, you’re such a fucking loser!

Here goes my twerking slut – Click the link and check out this booty shakin’ whore! So entertaining, shake that ass!!!

twerkin' VS

I finally got you up here baby,  you are finally exposed on my blog!

Lastly, my latest “Wall of Shame” loser sissy tara, always amusing me. This time, I had some fun making a gif of her pulling a tampon from her mangina hole! This slut will be making a huge unveiling on my blog really, really soon. I know it’s been a few months sissy, but the wait will be soooo worth it, you’ll be pre-cumming for weeks! No one will expose you the way I can faggot!


Oh, and with all these losers and faggots in this post, I had to have some fun of my own and flaunt my hot ass and make this gif!

flip off ass gif

I am kick ass!!!




Ruined Orgasm Anyone?

As many of you know by now how much I looooove a ruined orgasm! Why would I want you to enjoy your orgasm when I can ruin it and leave you aching for more? Not very satisfying is it? Well, here are a few I ruined recently.


Here we have this little dick sissy in pink panties. I see this and immediately I want to ruin it! I found it amusing watching his cum soak thru his panties, knowing how unenjoyable it was.

premature sissy ruined o

Here we have My premature ejaculating sissy once again. Why do I call him that? Well the bitch can’t hold back his cum for no more then 3 or 4 minutes, if that! Is it the fact that he is working on the little bit of time faking he is using the bathroom, when in all actuality, he is on his knees wedged up in the corner of his bathroom with a butt plug in his ass, kneeling before his Mistress squirming to hold back his cum? Yeah, probably so. And what do I do? force a ruined orgasm that’s what!

ruined o

This guy? I don’t recall much, just the fact that…

A.) My ass looks really good in this shot and

B.) I captured his ruined O in his hand well, didn’t I?

tara ruined o

Here I have sissy tara being the horny little slut that she is, always finding an excuse to have her hands down her girly panties playing with her sissy prissy. she was quite excited to receive a ruined O! she’s a dirty little bitch that gets off on the humiliation. Check out her bright pink pubes, what a fag huh?!




More To Come…

This year has already started out to be quite a productive one. I am glad to be back at working on My blog, wrapping up what needs to be added, and through it all, I am pleased to have gained loyal subs and slaves along the way!

I have to admit, I’ve been slacking when it comes to My blog… blah, I know. I only have a little bit more to put into it. So be patient, there will soon be more to keep your pervy appetites fulfilled. NiteFlirt PTV’s will be available for purchase on the blog, along with new pic sets. For those of you missing out who are not on My NiteFlirt mailing list, I’ll be making My “Daily Ass” pic available for purchase here on the blog as well, just so all you ass addicts don’t miss out on your daily ass fix.

I’m excited to be adding “Assignments” for My pets to complete. There will be humiliating tasks for sissies, cum eating sluts, small dick losers and CBT pain sluts. Now what good is a slave if you cannot put them to work… right? So I am utilizing My cucktoy james with helping Me come up with some more task ideas, he is such an obedient slave! What cucktoy james doesn’t know, is that he will be completing them all, and I know he will eagerly get them all done just to please his Mistress and to gain brownie points… what slave wouldn’t? Another eager little minion premature ejaculating sissy, whom I’ve blogged about a few posts back has also joined in. When you ask Me over and over again, what you can do to help, I am of course going to take you up on that offer and use you as My lackey. So, he too has been helping Me and he even goes further then that, by making a Twitter account in My honor… and speaking of Twitter, I have another stooge who was perving  below the radar; recently started to express his adoration to My glorious ass by changing his Twitter account to reflect his devotion to My every move! Go follow both My little minions on Twitter @WorshipLadyDee & @AFaceToSitOn


My worn panties have been a hot item these days. I recently mailed out My latest pair to My ass sniffing worshiping perv john. I can’t wait to listen to him licking and sniffing My panties as he whacks off to My ass… haha, I love torturing this guy, he fucking loves it!  With that being said, I have some great news for all you pervs who want to get a taste and smell of My used panties, socks and stockings. I’ve created an Ebanned account for all you kinky fuckers to bid over My delectable items.  Don’t worry, you can still request to purchase a pair of My worn panties,socks, etc. without having wait and see what I put up for auction but it will be so amusing to watch My boys bid war over My stuff!