Bid on My Well Worn Sweaty Panda Bear Ankle Socks

Another sock auction is currently in place over on ebanned!

Just like any of my socks I’ve previously sold, they are always well worn and heavily scented with my sweaty foot scent. I’ve been wearing these cute panda socks on days I workout for about 2 months now (I think, maybe more… I lose track) and just like any of my socks, I keep them tucked up tight inside my sneakers assuring my scent stays put inside the socks when they are not on my perfect feet getting them nice and stinky.



I mean just look at those babies. How could you not want to bury your nose deep inside them… sniffing, licking, sucking every inch of them! Total sock euphoria!

If the bid exceeds $100 – I will also include the clip I filmed wearing these very socks to their lucky winner.

Imagine winning these socks and watching me tease you with them on my feet as you sit there with my socks in your very hands, able to whiff and wrap them around your dick while you beat off in them! Pure HEAVEN!!


I don’t know what you are waiting for sock bitch…. GO BID!!!


Latest Clip Updates: Jean Fetish, Foot Fetish, Sock Fetish & Humiliation

I have to get better at updating my blog. I am soooo bad at it. I just realized I missed posting about other clip updates… Oops. Kinda too late now, but going forward, I will make it my business to post new clip updates. Again, I will add that even though I sell my clips on multiple clip sites, is my preferred clip site, ALWAYS!

So onto this months clip updates:

Black Skinny Jeans Ass Worship

Look up at my amazing ass in my black tight skinny jeans. I know you can’t look away, your dick is so hard right now… keep staring. You’re a weak little bitch when you see my ass in jeans, the way they hug my ass. Go on, worship and stroke to my jean clad ass and try to hold off till the end and not to blow your pathetic load before my cum countdown.

Clip Contains: jean fetish, ass worship, jerk off instruction, cock tease, joi, femdom pov

Buy it on: iWantClips | Clips4Sale | Kinkbomb | NiteFlirt | Customs4U

Foot Dust Shavings POV

Today is your lucky day, foot boys… I’m giving you a front row seat to view my foot shavings in action. Watch POV as I run my Micro-Pedi all over my amazing soles, collecting yummy foot dust for you foot freaks to drool over. Then watch as I thoroughly apply lotion all over my soft freshly buffed size 8.5 peds.

Clip Contains: foot fetish, wrinkled soles, foot dust, pedicure, long toes, toe spreading, toe wiggling, lotion, bare foot, foot slave training, foot addict, pov, foot humiliation, female domination, foot domination

Buy it on: iWantClips |Clips4Sale | Kinkbomb | NiteFlirt | Customs4U

Pathetic Footboy Eagerly Smells My Socks and Feet

You’re so annoying… you’ve been dying to smell my socks all day. I gaze down at you in pure disgust as you eagerly wait for me to remove my sneakers and allow you to inhale my sweaty socks and feet, all while I verbally humiliate you for being the pathetic foot bitch loser you are for my smelly socked feet.

Clip Contains: foot worship, sock fetish, foot fetish, sneaker fetish, soles, verbal humiliation, smell fetish, jeans, converse, foot slave training, femdom pov, foot domination, eyeglasses, masturbation encouragement, joi, foot humiliation

Buy it on: iWantClips | Clips4Sale | Kinkbomb | NiteFlirt | Customs4U


Another Worn-Smelly Sock Auction is Underway!

I’ve got another sock auction up for bid!

It’s been a long 9 months since my last sock auction – whoops, make that 7 months since my last sock auction. Wow! I didn’t realize it’s been that long… with Fall/Winter approaching,  I will be wearing socks a whole lot (aside of my workout socks). Who wouldn’t love turning a huge profit on a used pair of socks, and most likely didn’t even pay for!  Read More