Ways to Spoil Me this Christmas!

‘Tis the season to spoil your Goddess!


Christmas is a time of giving – it’s the perfect opportunity for you to spoil me! (especially if you were “the suck” and didn’t buy me a Birthday present last month!)


What I want for Christmas:

** Send GC’s to mistressladydee@gmail.com


(This list can also be used to spoil and enhance my life at anytime!)



So now that you know what I want for Christmas, I expect all my good boys and new subs (of course) to show your appreciation & adoration for your favorite Mistress this Holiday Season!




It’s My Birthday!

It’s that time again – My Birthday!

November 25th is only a short 10 days away and I expect to be showered in gifts and tributes from all my pets & pervs! No gift or tribute too small РI want to see you expressing your adoration and gratitude for my birthday! You will sacrifice for my happiness and show me just how devoted you little bitches are.

To begin, you will purchase my Birthday Devotion clip and follow thru with my instructions.


So start sending me birthday¬†tributes¬†– Buy me gifts off my Amazon Wish List¬†– It is filled with many things I want. If you are in doubt, sending an Amazon GC is always a viable option… No excuses!

I deserve it. Spend on Me. Please Me!