Round 4–Two Pump Chump

The “Two Pump Chump”, “Minute Man” , “Limp Dick Loser” – whatever you want to call this tool bag is back on my blog once again being outed for his shortcomings! This will be the fourth post I’ve written about this loser to date and I don’t ever see it stopping.

It’s been 2 months since I’ve last outed the chump (read here). Since then he’s continued on his escort adventures only to further humiliate himself in the process and gathering up even more ammo for me to fuck him over with–this chump really loves playing with fire!

Fully exposing the chump! Removed the cover-ups and I just may do it to more!


Ok, the chump has paid his dues… $230 later!

What a fucking L-O-S-E-R!

Here are all the tributes he sent after he realized his face was exposed on my blog! No black out covering it up–his face front and center! And what made that image worse was having a used condom up to his mouth… gross!

1st tribute of $100 sent begging to cover his face!


Please “remive” So panicked he can’t spell, lol!

So after $200 in tributes, I was nice and blacked out his face. It was fun watching him squirm for those couple of days though!


Here’s a nice hole in one I’ve had stored away.


The funny thing is I remember this day, I was on another NiteFlirt call at the time, so I missed listening in on the session–he immediately called me after the 2 escorts left his hotel room to fill me in on what happened. His big “useless” cock could not stay hard while fucking one of the girls, after some insults being thrown his way, his dick finally gets hard and only lasts less then 1 minute! It ended like all sessions do–cleaning his cum out of his condom and the newest form of abuse he’s now taking on… is getting kicked in the balls! Seriously, this is one fucking idiot!

After telling me all this, the loser is getting turned and needs to worship my ass. I flaunt it in his loser face drilling in deep what a fucking useless pathetic premature ejaculating loser he is for degrading himself like he does–I ordered him to assume the dreadful position… he doesn’t deserve to cum like a real man, losers cum in their face!

Because I am free to do whatever I damn well please, I wanted some motivation to write up this blog post. I sent the gullible idiot a PTV for $100, attached with 2 pics of me flipping him off!

IMG_9270 IMG_9271


Mind you I never got around to doing it, until now (2 months later!)

In the meantime he paid tributes and taxes, cause even he genuinely knows what a pathetic lame fuck he is!



loser tax

cum tax


 still a loser

After sending me another video… yeah he’s screwed!

I know I missed a few.

Now on to really expose this fucking-pathetic-loser!


IMG_5884_1 IMG_5884_2 IMG_5884_3

There he is slurping his jizzy juice out of the condom… BARF!

IMG_5884_4 IMG_5884_5 IMG_5884_6

Getting in position to get kicked in his loser sack… took 5 kicks total (she kept hitting his ass) but the final hit was so worth posting a video–just listen to him as he drops to the floor! OOOOOOOH!!!!!


Hahahahaha, I fucking love it! Bitch, you are so fucking owned!

Oh and it doesn’t stop here, I’m holding no punches… I’m exposing you to the fullest, CHUMP!

eatingcum1 eatingcum2 eatingcum3

Slurp it up bitch! It always looks like he is gonna hurl… tasty, huh loser?

eatingcum4 eatingcum5 eatingcum6

I saved the best for last… I could NOT help but put together a little compilation of the CHUMP getting his loser sack of balls kicked!


I can watch this on repeat all day… HAHAHAHA!

Time to send me more ammo loser, I’m all caught up! Oh and I advise you to send another Gift Rocket tribute, pronto!

One thought to “Round 4–Two Pump Chump”

  1. OMG what a slut! I have his pics also on my laptop incase you need it Miss Dee.

    Lady Dee you are stunning as always!

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