Tiny Dick Loser

I love receiving random emails with your little cock attached, solely for My enjoyment. I do encourage all of you to send Me pictures of your pathetic little nubs, just so I can do exactly this right here… putting your pitiful dick to shame!

Here we have pencildicklette, who first emailed Me a single picture of his weenie, which then lead him to play My “Penis Size Game”. Shrimpy dick here didn’t do so well, his scrawny penis looks like the joy stick on an Atari controller. You’d get more pleasure out of fucking yourself with a single finger, then to get fucked by that! And I suggest you keep that tape wrapped around those walnuts, they are of no use and you might as well tape your puny cock around them too. In closing… you are a “tiny dick loser”.

wimpstick4inch Pinched_clitty-3-2-1-2-1-1



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