Latest Clip: Tribute Per Edge

I know how much you crave ass. You have such a fetish for ass. I know how weak it makes you. I’m going to play a little game today, because of how much I know you love ass and how weak it makes you, you’re going to pay tribute for every edge… that’s right… I am going to tease that dick of yours and bring it to the edge over and over, and each time that dick edges to this ass, you are going to pay tribute – Tribute Per Edge!

Clip Contains: ass worship, edging, financial domination, joi games, masturbation encouragement, cock tease, joi, ass fetish, ass tease, female domination

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Small Dick Loser Rape

I had the pleasure of raping this fat little dick fucker! It had been a while since I’d seen this pathetic loser and I jumped at the opportunity to rape his wallet once again!

I love when this pig comes around, all I do is lay there with My hot self… It’s just too damn easy for Me to take it. I just have to deal with listening to him apologizing repeatedly of how sorry he is for being a “fat small dick loser”… it’s obvious you are, no need to keep saying it over and over! Just let Me abuse that puny cock and humiliate you even more by spotting that fat flap “fupa” LOL!

ry5 ry3 ry4 ry2

I did however allow this one to cum BUT only after he paid the cum tax, which he had to pay 5 x’s as much, due to his lack of inches of course!

ama100 ry6

After about 1.5 hrs later of having to deal with his shortcomings, I had a total of $493 drained from this loser; like taking candy from a baby!