Latest Clip: Eat Your Ruined Orgasm

Wrap your hand around that pathetic dick of yours and start jerking it for me. That’s it you little bitch, get it really hard and build up a big load. I know how much you love jerking off to me. You love when I control that dick. You’re just a weak little bitch needing control. You love it when I humiliate you. The way I control that dick and humiliate you in the process. Pumping that dick while looking at me, you’ll do anything for my amusement. That is why today you are going to eat it, just for my entertainment. And not only are you going to eat your nasty load, you’re gonna ruin it for me too!

Clip Contains: cum eating instruction, ruined orgasm, joi, cock tease, cei, masturbation humiliation, orgasm control, cum countdown, female domination

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A move like this surely will piss off any Mistress but the fact that My little eager cum eater alan (haha, that rhymed) was honest enough to come clean and tell Me that he has been faking it!



Since it took a lot of balls (not that he has much) for him to tell Me this, I allowed him another shot but with no room for error… if he did not follow My instruction, he was BANNED from ever having the chance to eat for Me again!

alaneat1 alaneat2

After a few minutes of foot teasing, he was spewing up his load onto his glass plate and up to his mouth it went, making sure he licked up every single bit of that cum. I didn’t allow for any to be left over, I wanted it CLEAN!


W/we shall move forward from here….