SBC Fred

SBC (small black cock) FRED

First a sissy on my Wall of Shame, and now I have a black dick to grace the wall, go figure!

Fred contacted me a few weeks ago and it went a little something like this:


Then fred emails me the very next day with even more humiliating pictures and taking the TP tube test (failing of course) and asking this:

Whats the best word to describe my cock?  I sometimes feel average and I sometimes feel small.  What do you think?  Tiny, Small, Average?

fredcock1 fredcock2 fredcock3fredcock4 fredcock5 fredcock8

Well fred, I think your dick  looks like a wrinkled old mans penis, it is extremely unattractive and pathetically small and you should be ashamed that you are a black man with a 3.5″ penis! And no, you are NOT average and please do not ever consider yourself to have an “average sized” penis, you are SMALL!

Now this is a BBC!




You get the picture?!

Want to see more of fred? you can follow his lil cock on Twitter, tell him I said “Hi”

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