Lil Larry

Here goes My first LITTLE DICK LOSER to grace the page of My Wall of Shame…. drum roll please…..



  • short dick man
  • BBC cum sponge
  • unlucky cucky
  • tweezer jerkins
  • acorn cock
  • uniball

These are just a few and the best part is that he called himself these humiliating names, lol. How fucking sad and pathetic you must be to put yourself down and write a lengthy (he wishes he was) email telling Me just how pathetic and inadequate you are, how you will NEVER be able to please a women, ONLY with you wallet and you will FOREVER being $$ PAYING $$

he realizes this is his reality and that he has to live with the fact that he was brought into this world with only a 1.5″ penis… YES, a ONE POINT FIVE INCH PENIS!!! I mean what do you do when you have a penis so small that you cannot even have intercourse? he wants to be put back into chastity, why? because what good is his little baby wenis to anyone? Fuck if any female will ever give him and his mico penis the time of day, UNLESS he is loaded with CA$H and honestly, he’d have to be a millionaire in My opinion!

CLICK TO ENLARGE (pun intended)



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