Lil Dyl

Lil Dyl Returns For More!

Lil dyl is back for more exposure and this time around I made sure to put him through some harsh humiliating tasks, tasks he never thought in a million years he’d see himself doing, HAHAHA!

Well, let me start off by reminding you all that lil dyl is a 27 yo virgin! Yes, his puny lil penis has yet to enter a women’s vagina and I had him do the most shameful act of fucking a GRAPEFRUIT!

The pussy!
The pussy!

Lady Dee it’s sad that the first thing my little penis has ever penetrated will be a grapefruit


I had him repeat these words as he went to town on that poor grapefruit! (may be hard to make out what he was saying, he was really into it, can you tell? lol)

“I am PATHETIC, Lady Dee’s feet rule my world. I will never fuck a real pussy!”

I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard how ferociously he was fucking that fruit.

It didn’t stop there, I had lil dyl take pictures of his intimate moment with his grapefruit, step-by-step.


Lil dyl took the tube test all on his own, when he saw that I had posted on Twitter challenging if your dick can fill a toilet paper tube! And here are lil dyl’s results:

1407550673515 IMAG0060

Barely making it to the half way marker! Nice try lil dyl, you always know how to get a good laugh out of me –  what a sport!

Humiliating lil dyl never gets old for me, I love pointing out how minuscule his lil dick is and in the end, getting a ton of laughs from his shortcomings! So, I had him find random objects around his home and size them up against his lil wee wee, big or small, really doesn’t matter when it comes to the size of lil dyl’s penis.

The Teenie Weenie Show!

IMAG0134IMAG0135IMAG0136 IMAG0137IMAG0133IMAG0132

That’s it for now, more is sure to come!

It all started a week ago when dylan emailed thru My contact form, wondering when would be the best time to have a session with Me. It immediately led him to asking about My “Wall of Shame” (which I bet was his main objective right from the start) I replied back with “Do you have a small enough penis to make it?!”

Well, did I ever expect to receive the photos that will be revealed in this post? Absolutely not! I did not expect to find such a sorry excuse for a penis, if you even call it a PENIS! I think at the last week of dylan’s birth, his vagina didn’t fully blossom, what remained was that little bit of penis before coming out of the womb… yeah, that is a harsh analogy but I speak what’s on My mind.

I receive 2 little photo’s that dylan had snapped after getting out of the shower earlier that day. The photos show he was preparing himself to send out My ammunition. As you can see he measured it up against a standard comb, (which I own one Myself) I couldn’t help but humor Myself by grabbing My own comb and count the teeth looking at his picture and counted out 20 teeth on the comb, that was the length his penis ended, which also equated to 1.5″!

Picture 002 Picture 003


This post gets even better. dylan wrote Me a lengthy story about his inadequateness which traces back to his adolescence. Still being a virgin at 27 years old, dylan goes on to tell Me though he has had girlfriends in the past, he could never go as far as having sex, knowing how extremely small his dick is, he knew that he could never please a women.

This next part, I will not even try to rewrite it, rather just copy and paste from My email.

Me accepting the fact that I could never please a women led to what I consider one of the must shameful moments of my life a couple years ago. My minds strange logic brought me to if I cant please a women I might as well please a man… I am straight always have been Lady Dee. So I started responding to adds on craigslist trying to find a guy to fuck me and what not. I ended up finding an older guy that was staying at the casino in the are about 45min from where I was living at the time and we set up a time to meet. As a pretense I and justifying to my self going I went to a Homebrew store that wasnt far from the casino to by a few things and then went to meet up with the. I get to the casino and call him he meets me in the lobby and we go up to his room and I am nervous as all hell but still in my mind able to go through with it. I found the guy a little bit creepy and we talked a bit figuring out what we were gonna do lights on off and soo on. All is good until he touched me and a froze up and couldn’t do it Lady Dee I was to creeped out my mind was going a mile a minute telling me no no no and soo on. So I ended up leaving his room running with my tail between my legs feeling dirty and pathetic. 

The lengths people will go, just to satisfy their curiosities. Though reading his experience had Me feeling all icky inside, I also found it quite funny. dylan also goes on to tell Me that he is turned on by forced bi, uncertain if it’s just a fantasy or if he actually goes through with sucking a dick, he will like it! This is where I step in and see how far I can push him to go, turning his forced bi fantasy into reality!

Another humiliating confession, he is a chronic masturbator. Back when he was 12 years old, he saw his first Playboy, since then he’s had the need to masturbate at least 3 times a day, finding it hard to go without it. It’s time you are trained in chastity My dear!

During our conversing back and forth throughout the week, dylan (which I ended up nicknaming him “lil dyl”) expressed to Me the issues he has to withstand with having an extremely small penis, AKA his “baby button” lol. his little weenie shrinks into itself and sticks straight out, making it very uncomfortable to bear the sensation he gets when it rubs against the button on his boxers and worse, the zipper on his pants!

So what he does is, stretches it out and puts it in the waistband of his boxers but that only works when he is sitting still. I on the other hand, suggested he put a piece of tape across the head of his dick and tape it to his body, that way there is no friction with the constant button rubbing. lil dyl feels it will only make matters worse, yet humorous for Me (which is the main goal anyway) that he’d have to peel the tape back every time he has to pee or the tape coming undone or getting stuck to clothing, etc. Just look at that puny thing, I feel like taking a stick and poking it in farther, lol and those balls… wait, what balls? I swear lil dyl, you were meant to be female, there is no sign of manly hood down there and you seriously need to take a weedwacker to that bush and tame that shit!

IMG_20140306_231115_459 ResizedImage_1394159450557

Hey, maybe the tape will work. We’ll see, after I tell him what tape to buy and shave off that crazy grown out wild bush and embarrass him further by making him take a picture!

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