Grub Dick Eddie

This is Eddie, a 45 year old man from Holland, with a disturbingly small penis.

He emailed me a few days ago wanting to be exposed on my Wall of Shame, believing to himself that his grotesque member might actually be too big to be outed on my Wall of Shame – adding he may be wrong, due to the fact that he has too much self confidence and that I may just prove him to be wrong!

Well Ed, you delusional fuck, I don’t know who’s dick your looking down at, but that is one disgusting, mangled, grub worm looking penis you got there. It’s so gross it hurts my eyes! I honestly think I won’t be able to eat for days, with these images in my head. I want to barf, it’s that bad!


So yeah, you made it on my Wall of Shame, and quite possibly the most grossest dick I’ve had to look at to date! BRAVO LOSER! 

Start forking over that monthly small penis tax, cause you’ll be paying it for eternity, you small dick loser!

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