Sissy Tara

This one is a first, a sissy faggot made it to My Wall of Shame! You may have seen sissy tara before. I’ve tweeted many humiliating pictures of her and the more I do the wetter this faggot’s little clitty gets! sissy tara has been dying to be part of My blog, craving to be outed by Me and calling her out on her faggot little ways, but that will be saved for a whole other post, which I have so so many juicy shameful and humiliating pictures and worse, a video or two! But like I said I am saving that good shit for a whole separate topic.
tara masturbatetara masturbate 2
Let Me get on to the outing of sissy tara and her sissy prissy. tara and I had a little chat last week about her little faggot clitty, aking if it was small enough to be on the Wall of Shame. Well, I do have to be honest and say that it is not the smallest dick I’ve seen, ahem… have you taken a look at lil dyl? But none the less, sissy tara’s cock is small. Lol, wait I cannot even say “cock” it doesn’t feel right, she is a sissy faggot slut and she has a sissy prissy not a cock! Even more so it’s “fem” and “girlie” her pubes are PINK and has a PA piercing! (which is like a hood piercing for her prissy, lol.) Now that deserves a good laugh or two or three… hahahaha! Yeah, as you can imagine sissy tara keeps Me so entertained when we session. she loves how I humiliate her then expose her all over Twitter! Follow her, she loves all the attention: @taraterrytv
tara pink pubes tara prissy pose2
After about an hour of chatting and some sybian riding (a little sample of that right here), tara pays her fee along with her shameful story:

To answer your question, Yes Mistress Dee, I definitely belong on your Wall of Shame! 

 I’ve always felt pathetic enough to grace your wall of shame!  What’s more, I’m excited that you think, I’m a loser and laugh at me, when I call!  It was so very exciting, to see you take notice, of  how small my sissy prissy was when you first turned your cam on!  Thank you for the excitement, of having you pose me, in order, to make her look smaller and more pathetic and ridicules in my pictures! 


 Speaking of pathetic, if you’ll remember, when you came on cam, she was limp!  If she was a real cock, she would have been extremely hard, upon seeing your body on cam!  Instead, she didn’t get aroused, until you said:  she was cute, and started taking pictures of her for your wall of shame!  I think, it’s safe to say, my sissy prissy is a pathetic and useless tool!  Because, no woman or man would go through the effort of small penis humiliation, to get her hard enough for penetrative sex by my girlie penis! 


So move over, all you boy’s with the little penises, because this sissy girl, is about to join your little club!  I know, you little guys are probably a little uncomfortable, with the idea, of a sissy joining your little club!  But, please don’t worry, while I may enjoy playing with your little cocks, rest assured, I’ll only tease you!  Your little dicks, aren’t going up my sissy pussy, that’s reserved for real cocks!  So therefore, even with me in your little club, your little cocks will remain tiny, pathetic and useless!


Spunky lil thang isn’t she? Proof is right there, how much I love to laugh and humiliate all you small dick losers! I love what I do… I come online, kick back and laugh it up over your sorry pathetic excuse you call a penis or sissy prissy (in tara’s case) and GET PAID while doing it!


you are all pathetic small dick losers and deserve to be ridiculed on My Wall of Shame!!