Latest Clip: Poppers Induced Foot Worshiping Anal Slut

**Custom with no name used**

Request – “Humiliated for the tiniest ‘penis’ You’ve even lay eyes on… Desperate to worship those delectable feet, enduring any humiliation for them. On my knees before Your feet, sniffing them and desperately getting close only to be told to sniff them and alternate with deep sniffs of .. Humiliated and intoxicated on alcohol and , willing to do all it takes to worship and lick them clean.. sluthole gaping after so much .. To get anywhere close to touching your feet I must humiliate myself and pound a wide/girthy suction dildo plugged to the floor/wall… sniff those , bounce on that dildo until it’s barely visible to Goddess.. now I might get to lick Your feet clean… not allowed to touch that tiny useless ‘penis’ .. no orgasm.. just a slow ooze – drip drop – of useless seed on the floor… to the laughs and entertainment of Goddess at my sorry state….”

Clip Contains: foot worship, , anal training, dildo fucking, humiliation, sph, ruined orgasm, coerced int0x, foot domination, masturbation humiliation, foot smelling, femdom pov, female domination

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Nasty ATM Whore & French Popper

What do I do when I have a nasty fat loser waiting on his knees with toys in hand ready to be humiliated and vulgarized? Well I have him shove those huge dildos up his ass of course! you looking to be degraded? I will have no mercy on you!
pl_atm pl_atm2 pl_atm3

After having that huge dildo rammed up his disgusting fat ass, he didn’t reject from putting it directly from his ass straight into his mouth (ATM). Now what threw Me for a whirl was him backing out from licking his cum off the paper plate (which already had cum stains on it from the day prior… eww) BUT this loser didn’t have a problem licking his ass juices off his dildo… WTF?

It always seems to amaze Me how you losers will do the most revolting things on cam!

Moving on to the French popper! This foot worshiping fool was so high, I could barely make out a single word, other then the fact that he was French, lol. This moron came back the very next day sniffing his poppers and jacking off aggressively to My feet! What a loser but entertaining to say the least.

french popper french popper round 2