The Taste of Self-Abasement

Seeing the 2 pump chump spread across the pages of my blog does not come as a surprise. However, exposing the loser 100% in all his distasteful glory is something I’ve never done before. I’ve always blocked his distinct features and I’m not referring to the size of his penis! Sadly, given the size of his member is surely something any female that has ever been with him has wanted to quickly forget all that went on between the two (not much to brag about, hence being nicknamed – the 2 pump chump!)  Read More

Loser Trifecta

I have my share of losers and most recently a few of you have really out done yourselves! You see, you are here to entertain me, it’s not the other way around. I expect you subs to put on a good show. I want to be amused, I want to laugh in your face as I order you to assume the position (legs up over head) and diminish what’s left of your dignity! Read More

Outing Subs & What’s New

It’s that time again, for me to gather up all the losers who have debased themselves for my attention and amusement as of late.

Ugly ara’s addiction to me is growing stronger and stronger. My perfect feet drive this ugly bitch insane. He’ll do just about anything to humor me just to be able to rub his disgusting little brown penis to my feet! I love the way you started fucking your couch at my command, lol. Read More

Two Pump Chump

I can’t believe this loser has been drooling over my ass for almost 3 years now… yes 3 years come September! (Thanks to Niteflirt for providing customer details.)

You could only imagine the torture and humiliation I have put him through over the years. Well, today is the day I expose this losers shortcomings! Read More

Loser Round-Up

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve last blogged (not counting the recent addition to my Wall of Shame!) I’d have to write a post on a weekly basis in order to expose all the losers I come across. I am so backed up on exposing all you fucks that I’ll be writing up another post in the next few days. I do however like to blog about the ones that amused me the most and stood out from the rest! Read More

Cuckold Sissy Fag Boy Exposed

About 9 months ago is when sissy boy jason first contacted Me for a humiliation session. his fetish at the time was wearing panties. Things got more interesting rather fast; by the second session, I had loserboy eating cum out of his girlfriends panties, which he found so disgusting, but did it anyway to please Me. As time went on, I had jason dressing up more; he wore a bikini and put on lipstick; another time, he wore a corset,stockings,knee high boots and a wig! Now, he didn’t make the prettiest sissy, though he tried. I do give him an “A” for effort for always listening and obeying orders. I would have him fuck empty beer bottles, lick cum off his boots, suck on bananas and lick his cum off of it; yeah he’d whimper in disgust, but jason Read More

Nasty ATM Whore & French Popper

What do I do when I have a nasty fat loser waiting on his knees with toys in hand ready to be humiliated and vulgarized? Well I have him shove those huge dildos up his ass of course! you looking to be degraded? I will have no mercy on you!
pl_atm pl_atm2 pl_atm3

After having that huge dildo rammed up his disgusting fat ass, he didn’t reject from putting it directly from his ass straight into his mouth (ATM). Now what threw Me for a whirl was him backing out from licking his cum off the paper plate (which already had cum stains on it from the day prior… eww) BUT this loser didn’t have a problem licking his ass juices off his dildo… WTF?

It always seems to amaze Me how you losers will do the most revolting things on cam!

Moving on to the French popper! This foot worshiping fool was so high, I could barely make out a single word, other then the fact that he was French, lol. This moron came back the very next day sniffing his poppers and jacking off aggressively to My feet! What a loser but entertaining to say the least.

french popper french popper round 2

Premature Ejaculating Sissy & Tubby Lil Dick Loser!

As November came to an end so did the dignity of these subs.

Right out the box, we have “Premature Ejaculating Sissy”  and here is how it went:

 i was hoping you might consider a cam show with me madam . i sucked a dildo in front of my wife like a loser and liked it and i am a premature ejaculating sissy which i am scared my wife is finding out . believe me this is not easy to say but i had to tell someone.

That was the opening conversation with this loser. Well, being that I love humiliation, of course I considered watching this masked fool make a total ass of himself on webcam, solely for My amusement! So after instructing him to put on his wife’s panties, grab the dildo he used to suck in front of her, and for added humiliation… a butt plug.

his cam opens and there he was, sitting on the bathroom floor, toilet bowl in sight (really now?), wearing a black mask, his wife’s crotchless panties (smart choice in his situation), dildo and butt plug awaiting My instruction. After having him insert his butt plug up his ass (I later find out it was his first time, but I highly doubt that… nice try but it doesn’t flatter Me), I watch him suck the dildo and it took a matter of 2 minutes before he was crying he was close to cumming… So, I order him to cum all over his dildo and lick it clean… My job was done!

pe1 pe2 pe3

Moving on to this tubby little dick Indian. Let Me tell you, he was not easy on the eyes, standing there all naked with his small brown disgusting penis. So this douche wanted to be humiliated but he bitches out when I tell him to write on his fat belly, “I am a fat little dick Indian”, he begs Me that he cannot cause he said he was “married”, soooo I made him stick the marker up his nasty flat fat ass, lol… what a fucking loser!