The title says it all, I finally started My own blog! I’ve been asked numerous times if I had a blog, and after tossing it around in My head for sometime now, I decided to do it. I mean why not have My own spot where I can post all the crazy things I make My bitches do!

I thought about how much I love humiliating the fuck out of you guys… I mean really I do! I get so much enjoyment out of making you do some of the most embarrassing and humiliating shit! I love how I tease you and the power I have to manipulate you, getting you to do anything I say.  I have to admit, I love all the attention I get. I love listening to how much you want to worship Me, how much you’d lick the bottoms of My feet, how you’d suck cock for Me just to be able to jerk off to Me and best of all how you eat your own cum for Me and LOVE IT TOO! You guys kill Me sometimes, at how far you will go just to please Me, lol… but by all means, do not stop… I enjoy it all!

So moving on to what this blog will be filled with. I will be entering posts on My weekly experiences, (mainly of course) of how you guys entertained Me throughout the week, who was My biggest LOSER, as well as what I am up to Myself. I find this blog is going to be a lot of fun for Me, and lets not forget you guys, especially the losers who want to be outed! I will now have My own place to expose My losers and be able to look back and laugh it up!!!

I love what I do!!!