Ceasing Clip Updates on NiteFlirt

So, if you haven’t noticed already, I no longer update NiteFlirt with new clips.


Ran out of storage spaceeeeeee! :O


Reason being- their system sucks!

Seriously, from their pickiness of denying thumbnails (with no way of editing), to only allowing a certain amount of storage space for files! If I want to upload more clips, I have to go in and delete old files…. Ummm NO, not gonna happen! It goes more in depth than that, but I won’t get into it, no need to. I’d rather just not upload there at all. Avoid the headache.


Besides, iWantClips is where I want you all buying my clips and sending me tributes anyway. I make the most % with IWC and they have excellent customer service.


Now go spend like a good boy over at iWantLadyDee.com – Chop. chop!

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