More To Come…

This year has already started out to be quite a productive one. I am glad to be back at working on My blog, wrapping up what needs to be added, and through it all, I am pleased to have gained loyal subs and slaves along the way!

I have to admit, I’ve been slacking when it comes to My blog… blah, I know. I only have a little bit more to put into it. So be patient, there will soon be more to keep your pervy appetites fulfilled. NiteFlirt PTV’s will be available for purchase on the blog, along with new pic sets. For those of you missing out who are not on My NiteFlirt mailing list, I’ll be making My “Daily Ass” pic available for purchase here on the blog as well, just so all you ass addicts don’t miss out on your daily ass fix.

I’m excited to be adding “Assignments” for My pets to complete. There will be humiliating tasks for sissies, cum eating sluts, small dick losers and CBT pain sluts. Now what good is a slave if you cannot put them to work… right? So I am utilizing My cucktoy james with helping Me come up with some more task ideas, he is such an obedient slave! What cucktoy james doesn’t know, is that he will be completing them all, and I know he will eagerly get them all done just to please his Mistress and to gain brownie points… what slave wouldn’t? Another eager little minion premature ejaculating sissy, whom I’ve blogged about a few posts back has also joined in. When you ask Me over and over again, what you can do to help, I am of course going to take you up on that offer and use you as My lackey. So, he too has been helping Me and he even goes further then that, by making a Twitter account in My honor… and speaking of Twitter, I have another stooge who was perving  below the radar; recently started to express his adoration to My glorious ass by changing his Twitter account to reflect his devotion to My every move! Go follow both My little minions on Twitter @WorshipLadyDee & @AFaceToSitOn


My worn panties have been a hot item these days. I recently mailed out My latest pair to My ass sniffing worshiping perv john. I can’t wait to listen to him licking and sniffing My panties as he whacks off to My ass… haha, I love torturing this guy, he fucking loves it!  With that being said, I have some great news for all you pervs who want to get a taste and smell of My used panties, socks and stockings. I’ve created an Ebanned account for all you kinky fuckers to bid over My delectable items.  Don’t worry, you can still request to purchase a pair of My worn panties,socks, etc. without having wait and see what I put up for auction but it will be so amusing to watch My boys bid war over My stuff!


2 thoughts to “More To Come…”

  1. Oh gosh Mistress. I so hope I earn the privilege one day of buying a pair of your worn panties. What a treasure.

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